software development for startups, small business, and entrepreneurs

Creating custom software for your business, startup, or other entrepreneurial efforts should be exciting. Sadly for many, this exciting time often turns daunting and stressful. At knomedia we specialize in building reliable, performant, scalable, modern, secure software that delights users. Seriously, users love our software. Our previous clients loved the experience, we think you'll be delighted working with us too.

Early founders are often faced with a dilema. You have a great idea*. You've built your financial model. You've worked, and re-worked your Business Model Canvas. It's time to execute. So what do you do next? Find a technical co-founder and split your equity? Offshore the development? Hit up the local university and put your fate in the hands of the willing, yet inexeperienced?

These are really bad ideas

Hold on to your equity while still leaning on decades of experience in building amazing software with knomedia.

* Should you be in the position such that you have an idea, but don't know where to start with a financial model, business model canvas, etc ... We can help with that too :)
Do people typically believe these quotes?
His mechanical keyboard was really loud
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Just make up something nice and put my name on it
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Please stop asking me for a marketing quote
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So much of our modern world runs on software. This world has no tolerance for software that is not reliable. We don't either. We build software that you can count on.
Software performance has a direct correlation to user perceptions and the cost to run your software. Utilizing the best tools and technologies, we ensure that the software we build together performs at world class rates.
Our choice of tooling, languages, frameworks, platforms, and approach are all in design of balancing speed and value to market today while maintaining the long term scalability of tomorrow.
We pride ourselves on being up to date with technology and design. We tease apart the technology fads from the fundamental shifts. The software we are building together today will stand up to the technology and design storms of tomorrow.
Protecting the data that your application uses, collects, and processes is always built in. Making smart choicing and starting with secure defaults is in our DNA and way of working.
The difference between good and great. We go the extra mile with you, your users, and your customers to ensure that we are building delightful user experiences. Software that truly meets the needs of users and does it in a delightful way is a real treat. It's always our goal as well.