Introducing the Badge Builder, an AIR application for creating AIR Badge Install HTML pages.

The Badge Builder allows the user to fill out a simple form to create all the necessary files for a browser based installation. It uses the SWFObject to create valid HTML pages, as well as the Adobe AIR Install Badge. Creating badge installations allows for seamless installation of you AIR file.

Client doesn't have the AIR runtime? No problem the badge installation will download and install the runtime, and then install your custom AIR application on top of the framework.

To install this application via a web browser you will need the Adobe Flash Player

If you already have the Adobe AIR runtime installed, you call download the .air file here

Don't waste time writing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to deploy an AIR badge, let the Badge Builder do it for you.

  • Save your projects to a local database
  • Preview your project as you go
  • Customize the default project
  • Build your file when you are ready

A few screenshots...

Badge Builder Main Page
There are only a few necessary fields to fill out, the remainder are optional parameters for customizing your page

Badge Builder Main Page

Data Storage
The Badge Builder will keep track of projects that you are working on, and allow recall of those projects. From this panel you can reload, or delete any of the saved projects

Remembers recent projects